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Kala Brand Chromatic Tuner


The Kala Brand Music Co. chromatic instrument tuner allows ukulele, acoustic guitar and U-Bass players to quickly tune their favorite Kala instruments!Using your phone’s built-in mic, the Kala tuning app helps players of all skill levels get their instrument in tune. With an ultra responsive dial, large note display and octave reference points, tuning ukulele, guitar, bass or mandolin has never been easier.
Minimalistic in design, unmistakably accurate and built for the world's most popular ukulele brand, the Kala tuning app is studio and gig ready!
* Listens your playing with the build in microphone* Clear visual feedback: The visual indicator will move based on the accuracy of the pitch. Whenfully in tune, the indicator will point upright and the letter will change to green. 
When out of tune, the letter will remain white.* The tuner indicates the closest semi-tone steps, including all sharpsand flats (eg. C,C#, E,D#, D, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B) and the octave* Chromatic tuner setting for stringed instruments: ukulele, guitar, bass and mandolin
***** Developed by Musopia Ltd, the creator of Ukeoke Ukulele Karaoke and FourChords Guitar Karaoke*****
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